In this month of love and hearts and all thinks pink and sparkly, as a part of our quest for Internet Domination, we want to know: What is Love? What do you Love? Have you felt Love?

Join us as we celebrate Love.



That's his middle name. 

Henry Love. Sometimes we call him HL.

2647 days ago, Love came back into our lives. After the death of our son, Charlie, and through a panicky (and blurry) pregnancy, I was unsure I would be able to truly allow myself to Love again. 

I knew what true Love was when I found Jason, my husband of 13.5 years. Today, our Love is different, but very much the same. As a 22-year old, 3 weeks out of college, Love was silly and fun and exciting. As a 36-year old, that same Love is now concrete, warm, and comfortable. 

I felt the heartbeat of Love the day Charlie was born. I was blissfully unaware that my time with him was short. Of course, looking back on the time, I can honestly say that we squeezed every moment we could out of the time we were given. 

When he died at 24 days old, I feel like all the Love was sucked out of me. Buried with him in that oh-so-tiny box. I swore I would never be able to let my guard down and Love like I loved him. And to this day, that is true. 

But then came Henry. My Henry Love. And with him and his name, came a Love like you can't imagine. My boy with the eyelashes that any girl would envy, chubby hands, and double dimples in his right cheek... we share a special Love. 

When I look at Henry, I see more than just him. I see his brother sitting squarely on his shoulder, guiding him like only a big brother can. I see a heart as big as Texas and a spirit that is shiny and bright. 

When I look at this, I see Love. 

Henry Love

This month, we are celebrating Love as our 2012 World Tour February Track. You are cordially invited to share your story of Love with us.

Do you share a special love with someone?

Have you fallen in love with an unlikely person? 

Do you love horses or dogs or peanut buster parfaits? 

Submit a post like you normally would, or post it on your own blog and link up with us below. We can't wait to hear all about your special kind of Love.