ArykaNotErika is a cheap-wine-drinking, tattoo-having, plenty-pierced liberal hippie residing in the Washington DC area. When not rabble- rousing or picketing, she can be found cooking, gardening, reading, tweeting (ArykaNotErika) and planning her great escape to Nepal. She is the mother of one human (if teenage girls count as human ) and one large dog that thinks he is a small child. As soon as it is legal in her home state, she will be wife to one crazy lady musician that has had her heart since she was 13.

ArykaNotErika is the face of depression, body image issues, anxiety and is the child of an addict. She works in whatever capacity she is told to for the Band and only occasionally asks for vodka or cupcakes in return.


Becky Sherrick Harks (Your Aunt Becky) is the dim-witted writer behind Mommy Wants Vodka. Oh, and she also founded Band Back Together. But you probably guessed that much.

She's a March of Dimes Mom who has raised an autistic son, Benjamin, her second son, three-year old Alex, and was blindsided by a neural tube defect affecting her last child, Amelia.

Her interests include encased meats, cherry lip gloss and single-stranded reverse-transcribing RNA viruses. She also likes shiny things and imagining a life married to men from television.


Cindy is a shoe snob living in the swamps of East Texas. When not ranting on teh twittah (@WalkerCynthia), she is probably shopping, chasing her dog, making a 12 step meeting, or asking her Mr. Sunshine for money to go shopping. Cindy is the face of domestic violence, addiction, and successful reintegration after incarceration. She loves working on resource pages and acting as class clown when we all need a laugh, and asks only that we ooh and aah over her shoes and occasionally pat her on the head.


Crystal, aka Ewokmama, is a re-married mother to one alien/superhero/transformer boy named Jack. She is an obsessive multi-tasker, making her the perfect Executive Assistant at a software firm in San Francisco. When not parenting her fierce and fuzzy ewok-child or being fed cake balls and served wine by her devastatingly handsome and amazingly talented husband (who didn't help write this bio at all), Crystal can often be found in front of the television while working on her laptop and playing at least ten simultaneous games of Words With Friends on her iPhone.

As a trauma survivor learning to live a normal(ish) life with Chronic Depression and PTSD, Crystal feels very strongly about the need to connect with others when experiencing difficulties. For this reason she has dedicated time to mentoring new mothers who are learning to breastfeed, sharing her parenting struggles and triumphs on her personal blog,, and involving herself in editing and nearly all other operations here at Band Back Together.


Fallah is a lover of geeky things: science, technology, good fantasy novels, etc. She works for a small local company supervising their tech support department. She's been making friends via the internet for over fifteen years ( and you can  find her on Twitter). She resides in Northern California.

Her primary nemesis is depression, which she has been battling since age ten. She has also been grappling with PCOS-related infertility since 2009. She unfortunately finds herself navigating divorce in 2013 and is trying to see it as an opportunity for new beginnings.

Fallah loves social media and is Team Lead for the BB2G Twitter and Tumblr accounts. She also serves on the BB2G Ops Committee.


Pammi is an ACOA, and a 'survivor' of a Bipolar Parent and feels that she is using the term 'Brains' loosely around here lately.

She is a mid-40's, Single Mom raising her two teenage daughters somewhere in southern Connecticut. Pammi is a borderline-OCD Graphic Designer who really prefers everything to be perfectly symmetrical and comes to grips daily with the fact that it can't always be so. She's also allergic to dairy, so if you're sending her cookies, make sure they're dairy free. =)

She is on the Twitter at @pbpdesigns but you'll have to poke her to respond sometimes.


Triplezmom, also known as Jen, thought it would be easier to stay home with three kids than to teach 25 all day. Now she really misses having a lunch break. She tries to write while allowing her kids to watch too much TV and her house to get really messy. She blogs at TripleZMomYou Won't Go Blind, and Jersey Moms Blog.