Band Back Together is a user-submitted website. Anyone can contribute. We welcome all of your stories.  

Before I launch into How To Contribute to The Band Back Together Project in nauseating detail, let's go over what this site is.

This is a group blog and nonprofit organization created by Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka for anyone to share their stories of survival, fear, hope and triumph in a moderated, controlled environment with educational resources available for those who need it. Topic choice is unlimited.

The best therapy I've had was to write down my thoughts in an understandable, organized way. Putting those thoughts into real words, making those words into paragraphs and whole blog posts healed me in a way nothing else could.

That's what The Band Back Together Project is. A space for anyone to pull their skeletons from the closet and make them dance.

The Band Back Together Project won't cure you. We're not doctors. We can't fix your life. But I can assure you that somewhere, someone out there will read your words and feel a connection.

So please, join The Band.


Now, the nitty-gritty.

First, The Band, you must register on the site. This box is found on the upper right corner of the blog.



Click that nifty button. It'll take you to a log-in page. Register there.

Your username cannot contain any spaces

You can change your password at any time, but not your username, so choose something you like.

When you are done, click the Submit Query.