This year, on Band Back Together, we're plotting total World Domination. It's time to take a good hard look at ourselves, bring the happy back where we can, fling glitter when we can't, and slowly - but surely - take over the world.

Save The Band, Save The World.

For January's Bringing the Happy Back World Tour, we're going to figure out what we will do this year.


I've never been big on resolutions. It's always seemed a stupid idea, to try and change yourself - but only in January - thus setting yourself up for massive failure when you DON'T lose the 8767 pounds you want to lose, or can't manage to make more time for yourself.

In the rare years I tried to make some resolutions, they were unattainable things I couldn't accomplish without the Universe being on my side.

On The Twitter the other day, I made my first resolution: Do Not Become Lil Wayne. That seemed pretty fucking easy, right? Right. I'm feeling confident that I can, in fact, go through 2012 without becoming Lil Wayne.

But it got me thinking - I'm thirty-fucking-one years old this year, and maybe it's time to take a good hard look at myself and the things I cannot change. I'm never going to be able to change the Universe, but I can change myself.

It's gonna be a great year, The Band - I can feel it in my bones.

This is what I will to do.

Please, join me.

I will practice mindfulness. I am tired of rushing around, forgetting to pee or laugh because I am "too busy." I will enjoy each moment (as I can), and remember there is no past, no future, only this moment that I am in.

I will take care of things as they arise, not putting things onto the back-burner to "do them later," as that only adds stress. I will check and return email. I will take your call. I will go see you. I will be in the moment.

I will remember that I cannot control the Universe - nor would I want to. In that vein, I will accept situations as they arise, remember that I have control of only one variable (myself) and I will roll with it, Baby.

I will remind myself that every problem has a solution. Not every situation is dire, and I do not need to Panic! at The Band when things aren't going well. Everything will be right again soon.

I will learn to laugh again. It's been too long since I've had a good belly laugh - lately it's been one thing after another for me, and it's taking a toll.

I will treasure those who love me. Despite everything I may think, I do deserve to love and be loved.

I will get dressed every day without fail to go to work, even though I work from home. I still work and need to behave as such.

I will be proud of what I do and work harder to achieve the things I really want.

I will learn to be less loyal to those who do not deserve my loyalty.

I will look out the window more often.

I will sing in the shower again.

I will learn to accept small things I do not like about myself and change what I can.

I will begin to take care of myself properly. If two broken teeth have taught me anything, it's that I have bad teeth. Also: I am not doing a very good job of taking care of myself.

So now I'm flipping the tables: what will YOU do this year, The Band?

(submit your "I Will" posts the normal way and let us know what you will do this year!)