Hi The Band!

Hope you're all pulling through the February doldrums. It's been a particularly brutal winter here in Chicago, but hey, it's almost over, right?


So this Sunday is a special day here at The Band. We've decided to do a monthly carnival showcasing posts and resource pages for the month. This month? We're focusing on hearts and love.

We'd love to feature you (YES YOU!) during our carnival this Sunday, February 19 (see our calendar here for upcoming awesomenss).

So tell us about hearts. The hearts of those you love. Have you been affected by a heart attack like I have? Do you have experience with a congenital heart defect? Do you know someone with heart disease? What about a heart murmur?

Or do you want to tell us about love? Who do you love? What do you feel about love?

Strap your leather pants on and let's rock out with our [redacted]s out for Hearts!

Today, as always, I am so very proud to be With The Band.


Your Aunt Becky

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