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What do you do when find a guy that wants a family as much as you do? You think you are a great match, get married and after a year of just the two of you, you start to try for that baby.

Typical, normal story. 

What do you do when after another year and that baby doesn't appear? You go to your doctor, get that referral to the infertility specialist. That is no big deal. Lots of people need a little help to get pregnant; in fact you know a few and a few more in the internet world

What do you do when the doctor tells you that they could find no sperm in your husband's cup sample? You look at options. They say that they can do TESE surgery and can find some sperm samples. 

After waiting not-so-patiently for my husband to go through a testicular biopsy, I took the sample of his testicular material and went to the lab at a completely different hospital. They said that they would have news for me later that day. I wasn't concerned, they'd find some samples of sperm...they had to.

I grabbed my very uncomfortable husband and off we went.

We got the call a few hours later. They were so sorry. They looked for hours. Nothing. Nothing. 

What do you do now?