The sixth grade sucked.

A surprise to me?

Not really.

I got called ugly all the time, as usual. I was sexually assaulted on the bus frequently. Boys hated me, girls hated me. You know why? Because they all thought I was really ugly.

I tried so hard to show off my boobs as much as I could so I could get some positive feed back. Which I did. Boys would touch me places that were defiantly not okay.

I could never be myself around most people because I was so self conscious and had such low self-esteem. I tried out for the cheer-leading squad and I actually got in. Nobody liked me. It was funny because the only two other six grade girls were the ones that spread rumors about me in fifth grade. I was a loner the whole, entire season.

Seventh grade was alright. People still called me ugly. I had friends and stuff but I just couldn't find it in myself to be myself. I got like 3 boyfriends that year. One in particular I dated for an hour because when everyone found out they said things like why are you dating her she's so ugly, you can do better, etc. so he broke up with me. I knew why. I would've too. How embarrassing, dating someone so ugly, right?

Eighth grade. Same thing happened I started dating a guy and some other guy opens his mouth and says why are you dating her she's so ugly. This was the year of a lot of sexual assault, and harassment. Boys would say I had a nice body but a really ugly face. They would just touch me and push me like I was a piece of shit. Still got called ugly. Anyway middle school was interesting, parts were fun I guess. I was excited to get out of there though. Things that were said and done, I still can't get over.