We all know how much we win at life. That much is clear. (damn you Charlie Sheen for ruining both "Winning" and "Eye of the Motherfucking Tiger" for me). The Band is probably the biggest source of WIN on The Internet.

One person once said somewhere (I'd love to give you credit but my brain is a useless pile of goo) that Band Back Together is the reason the Internet was invented. I didn't even PAY them to say that. But it's true. You guys are full of the awesome and you know it.

I mean, we won a BLOGGIE, The Band. How wicked is that? (answer: pretty freaking wicked)

In celebration of our awesomeness, I figured we should do something celebratory. I mean, it's not always gloomy around here. We have the BB2G: Bringing Happy Back World Tour and honestly, even the saddest of stories all share one common theme: we're survivors.

That is what The Band is. We are a Band of Survivors. We're putting faces to things that normally exist in darkness, we're talking about shit no one else ever does, and we're breaking down stereotypes.

We survived, dammit. We're here to talk about it. And we're proud to have survived. We're going to be the face of what we survived so we can give hope to those who are still in the dark.

Gloomy? Sometimes. But uplifting? Always.

We're The Band, and we are PROUD.

As a token of my thankfulness, I'm going to give away one of my With The Band shirts (or another one of my shirts, if you so desire).

Next Friday, I'll announce a winner.

How do you enter? Simple. March's theme for BB2G Bringing Happy Back World Tour is this: Do something nice for yourself. Can be anything. You have a week to do something nice for yourself this week. Then come back and tell us about it. If you've written a post about it, send us a link in the comments.

For additional chances, you can (I hate this bit because I always feel like an asshole game-show host)

(leave one comment for each that you do)

1) Follow Band Back Together on The Twitter.

2) Be our BFF OMG BBQ on The Facebook.

3) Follow us publicly on Google Friend Connect

4) Add Band Back Together to your blogroll.

Also, an update on the Ask The Band Member who had been dealing with Postpartum Psychosis. She sent me this picture last night and I about fell off the couch laughing:

Shut Your Whore Mouth Boba Fett

She's doing well. On medication and surrounded by love and support. She was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love you guys sent her. So thank you, from my friend, who was lifted up by you when she needed it most.