Bullying is a pervasive problem that knows no social, racial, or economic boundaries and takes many forms.

It is just as likely to occur on the job as on the playground.

Today, we invite you to share your story: let's kick bullying to the curb.

I'd like you, The Band, to meet my 10-year old son, Ben. He has been brave enough to share HIS thoughts about bullying for our bullying carnival.

Please, give him your love.

Bullying makes me feel sadness inside; it also makes me feel like I can't speak up. See, when you're bullied, you don't want to make things worse, but it's hard to say anything because they make you feel so sad!

Now I'm going to tell you about a time that I was bullied once. It was recess, and I was holding the door for everyone.

Finally it was time to play!

So I'm walking down, and I see my friends. They're talking and talking, and then one of my friends hits another one of my friends on the back, so I say "You shouldn't do that, guys," Johanna says, "You're right, we shouldn't." Then I see Savannah peeking behind the rock wall, and I run to her I say sternly, "What are you doing?" and she says, "Look, I just don't want to play with Hannah today, okay?" "Kay," I say. "And one more thing, don't tell her!" she says. "Kay," I say.

But when I get back, she sees them and walks right toward them. "You go on that side ,and I'll go on this side," Hannah says. "Kay," I say. So we run toward them, and when we get there, Hannah and Savannah have a big fight, and then it turns to me. "And Ben," Savannah says, "You're just a snotty little brat!'' I run off crying. When those words were said, I cried. I couldn't help it.

My brother and sister are younger. My mother made me promise that I wouldn't bully anybody, and I promised so I won't bully my brother and sister! (She makes me promise that monthly.) My mother's brother was a bully: he wiped the dog's butt with a dish rag and then pinned her down and wiped it on her face! (Disgusting and mean.)

Older Ben (one of the editors) was a bad big brother because he bullied his brother and sister. I don't bully because I know that it's wrong to bully, and I don't want them to feel the same way as I do! (Sorry, Older Ben!)

Mom doesn't want me to be a kid like that!