What Is Microscopic Wayne-Genesis?

Microscopic Wayne-Genesis is a genetic condition in which one's genes develop a disturbing array of symptoms. While this is a rare disease, it is important to recognize the symptoms of Microscopic Wayne-Genesis.

There is one known case of Microscopic Wayne-Genesis leading to statistics of one in six and a half billion people being affected with this very grave condition. Research is limited; however, there is some research that's been done about Microscopic Wayne-Genesis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Microscopic Wayne-Genesis?

As mentioned above, there is an array of symptoms related to Microscopic Wayne-Genesis. According to Cash Money Records, they include:

  • Words race and frequently rhyme
  • Characteristic looks of surprise, dumb and wizasted on the face are almost always seen first.
  • Eye sensitivity leads to wearing sunglasses indoors
  • Due to scalp sensitivity, caps are frequently worn indoors
  • Teeth discolor to silver and/or gold
  • Hair grows in dreads, then falls out
  • Dranks begin to taste bad unless they have sizzerup or are purple

How Is Microscopic Wayne-Genesis Treated?

There is no known cure for Microscopic Wayne-Genesis. However, there are some treatments and preventative measures that can be taken against Microscopic Wayne-Genesis.

Treatment options include:

Therapy: This can assist with understanding the mindset of being diagnosed with Microscopic Wayne-Genesis. It can be a difficult diagnosis and having a specialist work with you is important, along with early detection.

Music Therapy: While not a typical staple of this type of disorder, listening to certain types of music have proven to assist individuals with slowing the progression of Microscopic Wayne-Genesis. Specifically 50 Cent and Jay-Z are recommended, as the genes respond to their phat beats and funky fresh rhymes.

Medication Changes:  It is important to slow the progression of the disease, and some medications cause more severe reactions. Specifically, doctors recommend that you avoid cough syrup of all types upon diagnosis. While this can exaggerate symptoms of cold and flu, it has been shown to slow the appearance of the more severe mental symptoms, as well as the comorbid narcolepsy.

State of Mind: While anecdotal, there is evidence to suggest that a positive mentality may help the treatment of Microscopic Wayne-Genesis. Specifically, imagine yourself NOT having Microscopic Wayne-Genesis.



What Does Microscopic Wayne-Genesis Look Like?

Be afraid.